Teardown & Set-Up

If you have a larger home or are moving a large distance, full service movers might be the right choice for you! We’ll come to your home to give you an estimate, and before the big day come and pack all of your things for you, as well as unpack them and set you up at your new home or office!

Whether you’re too busy with life to be able to pack up your entire home, or if a move has caught you off guard because of a job relocation, Unique Movers full service movers have your back. We’re your hometown team!

For an estimate on moving services, email or call us today.

We tried to handle a clean-out on our own, but ended up needing to call for backup. The crew was determined to get the job done in a timely manner and astonished us with their organized approach to such a chaotic space. We are grateful of their service and would recommend them to anyone in need of an exceptional moving crew.

– Sam Bruno, 5-star review on Facebook

[Unique Movers] did two moves - for my family (home) and my father (apartment) - both local moves. For our move we boxed everything ourselves and for my father's move UM boxed up everything for him. Connor was very patient and flexible as our home closing was delayed by 2 weeks and we kept having to reschedule . . . they showed up on time and charged within the quote we were given.

– Jamie Danusis, 5-star review on Facebook

Full Service Movers & Packers

When you hire Unique Movers to handle your big move, we’ll do everything for you. Besides our normal moving services, as full service movers we will carefully and accurately pack all of your belongings into marked boxes, load them onto our truck and safely transport them to your new home where we will unpack everything and set it all up exactly where you want in your home!

Because we are doing the packing for you, we’ll supply all of the boxes, wrapping paper, tape, padding, furniture blankets and equipment necessary to properly package your household items and furniture. We’re the definition of “all inclusive”!

Trained Movers & Packers

We move and pack homes all the time, and we’re really, really good at it. At Unique Movers, our team is led by owner Connor Steen. Connor has worked in real estate for a number of years, and knows exactly how homeowners and home sellers feel and want to be treated when moving in or out of a home. He’s been moving people for a long time too, and ensures everyone who works with him is properly trained and prepared for the unique circumstances of the move.

At Unique Movers, we know how to use space efficiently to get the most out of each truck load. We also know just how to pack and stack your belongings so everything is properly cushioned and protected, bringing your belongings safely to your new home and in the same condition.

Please call or email us for specific pricing on your move. Our recommendation of the number of full service movers, trucks and trailers will change depending on your situation.