Eric Hartung - Operations Lead | Estimator

Eric Hartung

Operations Lead | Estimator

Eric Hartung joined Unique Movers in 2016. His job is to make sure every client is happy with their move, making things run smoothly and efficiently. Eric really enjoys his coworkers, but his greatest joy is the happy faces of clients after a move is completed.

His favorite memory of working at Unique Movers is helping a deer become unstuck from a fence in Eden Prairie, MN. The crew were on their way home from a move when they spotted the deer stuck in a fence, and pulled over to move it to a nearby grove where it could be safe!

Eric grew up near Holdingford on a small family dairy farm, and still lives near home so he can help out from time-to-time. He comes from a family of seven siblings, ranging from their late-teens to late-20s. Eric enjoys creating things in his free time, working previously as a carpenter and mechanic. He also enjoys the outdoors, helping on the farm, and playing with his dogs and cats.