Debris Removal

When you’re planning your move to your new home, there might be some . . . stuff . . . which doesn’t really fit with your new decorating plan, or just plain might not fit in the new home. Or, you may be renting in between moves, have larger items which need to be stored for a short time, or just be in need of debris removal! No matter why, you can trust Unique Movers to handle all of your needs!

At Unique Movers, our goal is to make sure your needs are taken care of. If you have appliances, furniture or boxes of items you’d rather never see again, we can swiftly and silently make them disappear during your moving process.

This is a standard service we offer; just let us know exactly what needs to “go away” and we’ll make it so. Once we’ve removed your debris, we recycle as much of it as is possible and bring the rest to a local landfill.

For an estimate on moving services, email or call us today.


If your debris is in good shape, we do attempt to donate it first. Typically, we will bring your donatable debris to the nearest donation center, such as a Goodwill or Salvation Army. If possible though, we advertise on our Facebook page looking for a family in need who may be able to make use of your debris. We once furnished an entire 3 bedroom house with donated debris!

Appliance Storage

If you don't have the space for some of your appliances or furniture yet and need a way to keep them safe and dry, we can help with that as well! Furniture and appliance storage is something we can easily handle during your move as well.

Fees change based on the amount of storage space you need and the length of time storage is needed. Email or call us today to talk about your move and any debris removal or storage needs you have!