Connor Steen

President & Owner

Connor Steen started Unique Movers in 2015 to bring his unique vision to the world of home and business moving. He loves meeting new clients, helping organize their move, and being the go-to moving company across Minnesota. Growing up in Holdingford, MN, Connor knew he wanted to be successful and make a difference in people’s lives.

Starting his career in real estate, he began helping his St. Cloud area real estate clients with their moves and found great satisfaction in getting them into their new home. He began with only an SUV and rented trailers. As his reputation grew, he was able to afford his first truck and trailer.

Connor loves the satisfaction of seeing a family or business settle into their new, furnished space.

Spencer (Spencey) Weber

Operations Lead | Estimator

Spencer Weber started working with Unique Movers in the summer of 2017. He helps make moving easy for families and individuals, moving furniture, packing boxes and removing debris from homes. He was recommended to the job by his friend, Noah Stangl.

Spencer grew up on a beef cattle hobby farm in rural Sauk Rapids and comes from a tightly-knit family. With his farm work-ethic, he’s the guy to look to in a pinch and is always willing to help. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, swimming, traveling, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, and jet-skiing.

Eric Hartung

Operations Lead | Estimator

Eric Hartung joined Unique Movers in 2016. His job is to make sure every client is happy with their move, making things run smoothly and efficiently. Eric really enjoys his coworkers, but his greatest joy is the happy faces of clients after a move is completed.

His favorite memory of working at Unique Movers is helping a deer become unstuck from a fence in Eden Prairie, MN. The crew were on their way home from a move when they spotted the deer stuck in a fence, and pulled over to move it to a nearby grove where it could be safe!

Eric grew up near Holdingford on a small family dairy farm, and still lives near home so he can help out from time-to-time. He comes from a family of seven siblings, ranging from their late-teens to late-20s. Eric enjoys creating things in his free time, working previously as a carpenter and mechanic. He also enjoys the outdoors, helping on the farm, and playing with his dogs and cats.

Justin Feldt

Lead Mover & Packer

Justin Feldt joined Unique Movers in 2019. He helps facilitate moving, assembly, and organization of clients’ prized possessions. He loves figuring out how to move a client as efficiently as possible

Justin grew up near Sauk Centre, then moved onto a hobby farm during his teen years. He and his family of six other siblings grew up learning how to work hard on the farm, think on your feet, and balance other life commitments. He enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible.

Nicole Horstman

Human Resources

Nicole Horstman encouraged Connor to start his own business, which became Unique Movers. She loves the hustle at Unique Movers, helping put time and energy into the business herself over the years while helping with human resources responsibilities as the young company grew. She also assists with smaller moves and enjoys the trips to client’s homes in cities like Duluth, Red Wing, and Rochester.

She is a graduate of St. Cloud State University, where she received a degree in business with an emphasis on human resources. Nicole enjoys working as a team with Connor and helping build the business. She also likes taking the team to participate in area parades and seeing past clients in the crowd.

Nicole grew up in Hector, MN with three younger siblings. She now lives in Sartell.

Mia Wittenberg

Office Administrator

Mia Wittenberg joined Unique Movers in 2020. Her job is making sure the team is organized and prepared for job, as well as sending out invoices to clients and writing checks for business expenses. Mia really enjoys making the team’s day easier and knowing she has an impact.

Mia grew up in Hector, MN as an only child, and currently lives in Sartell. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a physical therapist and has worked at assisted living homes in the past. In her free time, Mia enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as playing volleyball.

Crystal Speedling

Marketing & Office Assistant

Crystal Speedling joined Unique Movers in 2016. She spends most of her work days on something different, which is why the job is so fun! Crystal really enjoys going to parades with the Unique Movers crew and the happiness on her client’s faces after a move is finished.

One of her favorite memories of working at Unique Movers is helping Connor move a couch up a few flights of stairs. He ended up making Crystal laugh so much, her mouth hurt more than her muscles!

Crystal grew up in Waconia, and currently lives in Sartell. She has three siblings and enjoys spending time outdoors, especially playing volleyball.

Isaiah West

Professional Mover

Isaiah West joined Unique Movers in 2020. He helps move, assemble, and organize clients’ belongings. He loves being in new cities and different work environments every day. Isaiah says no two moves are the same, and it’s really fun to be part of the Unique Movers team.

Isaiah grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but currently lives in St. Cloud. He grew up with two older siblings. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family - including his daughter Layla - and playing basketball.

Charlie Kent

Professional Mover

Charlie Kent joined the Unique Movers team in 2020. He enjoys joking around with the other movers while getting people out of their old home and into their new home. In the past, he actually worked for a storage company.

Charlie grew up in Sartell and still lives there. He has two brothers. During the summer, he enjoys hunting and fishing, while in the winter he likes snowmobiling with friends.

Caleb Ganley

Professional Mover

Caleb Ganley joined Unique Movers in the summer of 2018. He moves furniture, boxes, and anything else a client has to their new home or storage unit. He even has a background in moving people out of houses - he once moved 30 years worth of garbage from a man’s house in one day with a team of a dozen people.

Caleb grew up in the Holdingford area and is Connor’s little brother. When he’s not moving people into new homes, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends.

Casey Holroyd

Professional Mover

Casey Holroyd joined Unique Movers in 2020. He enjoys getting people into their new homes and safely transporting their furniture and other things. Casey loves working with the whole crew and making sure their current client is happy with the move. One time, he had the pleasure of moving an old high school teacher of his!

Casey grew up in Royalton where he continues to live. He is the middle of three children in his family. He hopes to one day be an electrician to continue helping people enjoy their homes. In his free time he likes working on and building cars, as well as fishing.

Noah Stangl

Professional Mover

Noah Stangl started working with Unique Movers in the summer of 2017. He moves furniture and belongings into Unique Movers trailers to get people onto the next phase of their life. He likes to have fun while moving homes - the ride between locations is his favorite time to joke with his teammates. While he likes to joke, he’s energetic and has a drive for excellence.

Noah grew up in St. Cloud and currently lives in Rice. He has a terrific work ethic from years spent milking cows on a dairy farm. In his free time, he enjoys frisbee golf and weight lifting.

Landon Lunser

Professional Mover

Landon Lunser joined Unique Movers in 2020. He helps people get rid of unwanted things through debris removal, bringing it to storage, and also helps with moves across the state and further afield. Landon enjoys the long drives, joking around with the team, and then seeing the relief on people’s faces when moving day is finally finished.

One of his favorite memories was helping a family move from St. Cloud down to Minneapolis.

Landon grew up and still lives in Sauk Rapids. He has two siblings and loves his dog, Hank. He really enjoys sports, spending his free time playing hockey, baseball, and frisbee golf with friends.

Mitchell Waldorf

Professional Mover

Mitchell Waldorf started working at Unique Movers in 2020. His job is to carry heavy stuff, put clients at ease, and give the younger employees a hard time. Mitchell really enjoys seeing clients excited about moving into a new home and starting a new chapter in their lives.

His favorite memory of working at Unique Movers was a large, three-trailer-load job they handled on a very hot day. Mitchell remembers looking fondly at the three empty trailers afterwards with his coworkers.

Mitchell grew up in Sauk Rapids, and is currently attending St. Cloud State University where he is studying nursing. He’s the middle child between his older brother Trevor and younger brother Nathan. In his free time he enjoys boating, golfing, gardening, and hanging out with the boys.

Martin McCoy

Professional Mover

Martin McCoy started working with Unique Movers in the summer of 2018. He helps estimate moving jobs and schedule the team for moves, while also leading his own crew if more than one is needed. He enjoys working with the younger crew members as they have a good work ethic and team cohesion.

Originally from Sauk Centre, Martin is the second youngest of 10 siblings and stays close to his family. He likes restoring cars, ice fishing, bowling, and playing softball.

Micah Ganley

Professional Mover

Micah Ganley joined Unique Movers in the summer of 2016. He safely moves and loads household and storage locker items, and gets them to their new destination for clients. He’s even helped safely move a family from Rice, MN all the way to Michigan! Micah was recommended for this position by his cousin, Caleb Ganley. Micah is knowns as the guy who’s always willing to go the extra mile.

Micah grew up in St. Joseph and has done a number of interesting jobs in his life so far, including helping demolish his old high school. In his free time, Micah enjoys basketball and disc golf.

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